Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Photos, Less Writing

It was an incredibly busy weekend, but I had fun and saw a lot of new stone.  No time for many words, here are the photos.

Sweetwater roadside areas: Pirates of the Caribbean

I put up a new problem at the Glass Factory that I really like.  A V4 that I've named "Old School," but I didn't take photos. 

At the the end of the day, we checked out a new area Jesse told me about.  We didn't have time to climb, but we'll be back. 
Jesse's first ascent, "Weapons of Mass Destruction"
Today, I found more to explore above Torrey Valley.
Have a good week, and consider downloading the bouldering video "Western Gold" at Savage Films.  I highly recommend it, and will write more about it soon.


Davin said...

Looks good! Great problems.

The "new" area of Jessie's is actually one of the very first to be bouldered at in the Sweetwater area. I've actually been camping there over the past few seasons while I do my research. That way I can do a bit of bouldering after dinner. I believe Rio and Karn had been there. Andy Raether had definitely been there too and he found chalk all over the place. Not completely sure but I think it was called Ore Town.

In any case, there are plenty of new problems to put there still. Will be great to see it all get done.

I will be out there Thursday through Saturday of this week doing research. Last few hours of the evening will be bouldering. Anyone?

Lloyd Family said...

Thanks for the history!

Often when I say "new," all that I'm saying is that it's new to me. I heard that Rio had been out there, but I didn't know about Karn and Raether. Ore Town is a good name for the place.

I might be interested in getting out on Thursday or Saturday. I'll give you a call.

Where The Road Opens! said...

Awesome post David, the boulders look great. I was there taking photos during the FA of Manscape. :) good tall line. I really like the boulders Jesse mentioned as well as that last one with the roof and chalk marks. Where is this Torrey Valley... ?
BTW, we had a good time at the New boulder I found a few weeks ago. Did a repeat of a nice v5 this last weekend on the Boulder I named the Jurassic Boulder. One new project will be finished soon as well. Amazing horizontal roof on hardened sandstone. In the stone are pockets and dino bones :) I will have a good bit of footage soon.

Lloyd Family said...

Torrey Valley is near Dubois. Southwest a mile or two from Torrey, Ring and Trail lakes.

The photo is of Lake Louise. All the bouldering has been done on granite glacial erratics in the valley. But they're pretty hard to find without a tour.
Sandstone boulders in the valley are obvious, but boulderers have been asked to stay off the sandstone boulders because they have so many sheep eater petroglyphs, and the rule needs to be respected.

I'm looking forward to seeing your new lines!

Lloyd Family said...

It's early in the morning...the erratics are gneiss.

Davin said...

Yes, often times in Wyoming the term "new" is a broad description. What's important is that you guys are making it new again and adding so many good problems! Keep up the great work.

Now that you have moved up and out of Torrey Valley for additional bouldering in high country, you have a whole pile of rock up there. There are a few established boulder problems in Bomber Basin, Lake Louise, and even Ross Lake. Would be happy to put dots on a map for you.

Thursday would be great. Saturday might be busy with geology until late. Looking forward to meeting up!