Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Quick Session on Sandstone

The Ice Age boulders.

Work continues on the bouldering guidebook. The sun emerged for a few hours this afternoon, and we had a short session at the Ice Age area. I was excited to return to some boulders I hadn't been to in a while, and to use our new large Organic pad.

It's nice to have some new foam, and the design looks great. Thanks Josh!

I took photos for the guide, and re-climbed some lines to figure out the grades and star ratings they deserved. The Warmup Boulder has grown back some lichen, and gotten sandy again since our last visit. It needs more traffic!

The Mammoth boulder was just as good as I remembered.

I managed to climb "Il Mammut" the proper way, by stabbing two fingers into the Mammoth's eye like Davin did on the first ascent. The pocket is deeper than I ever expected it to be. It requires perfect aim, but it's really fun to catch.

Solid V7 and two stars on my three star scale. It felt really good to send it!

Clouds, cold, and a little snow are expected during the next couple days. Maybe I'll get a few more pages finished while waiting for Spring to return.


Davin said...

Well done poking that beast in the eye!

Jeremy said...

Hey. That sit into the arĂȘte with pocket high up on face is a great problem. Not sure when Davin climbed it, but I cleaned a lot of muck out of that pocket back in the first couple months of '02 I am pretty sure. I climbed it, named it and have since forgot the name but remember it is a great line. I suggested v5 or 6 back then. I also climbed a traverse on what you are calling the warm up boulder then too. Nice little group of boulders.

Lloyd Family said...

Hey Jeremy,
Thanks for the information. Would you like to name it again? I'm putting a guidebook together, and I'm trying to get original names for as many problems as possible. I've listed you as a developer for the area, and would like to offer first ascent for info for classic problems. I'll send a draft of the book your way, but any info you have now would help cut down on necessary revisions.
It is a nice little group of boulders, and they'll be in the guide. I'm trying to figure out which sandstone boulders most boulderers would enjoy visiting.