Sunday, February 5, 2012

Enjoying the Work

Busy times. A lot of things are in progress, and a few things have already been done. During the last couple weeks Chris and Jesse have spent some time exploring, cleaning, and climbing on sandstone boulders in the Lander area. Last weekend, I spent Sunday bouldering with Chris on some of the new blocks and projects he's been working on.

We warmed up on a roadside block, and then made our way to one of the projects. The line looks impossible, until you see Chris get close to sending it.

Most boulders were too covered in snow last weekend to top out, but Chris got the first ascent of one new line called "July to January." It's about V8, and as good as a short problem can be. The rock and movement are both great. I climbed the problem from one move in, at about V6, but will need to return to link the crux first move. It's named after the odd temperature shifts we experienced on Sunday, and the abrupt shift in climbing style necessary to finish the top out. The photos didn't turn out as well as the problem did.

Later, Chris worked on another difficult project. This one will be spectacular if it goes!

It was a fun day in a beautiful canyon.

This weekend, I spent a couple hours climbing twenty problems at the Dolomite Band from V1-V3. I was checking out difficulty and star ratings for the new guide. Top outs were covered in snow so I downclimbed all the problems too. It ended up being an incredible workout, and my abs and upper back are more sore than I anticipated.

Adobe InDesign is starting to make sense, and pages are getting done. Here is a sample page from the Dolomite Band.

Ashley completed the B1 traverse line seen above last Saturday, but I haven't finished it yet. If I can't do it next session, I might have to raise the grade to V8.

Developing sandstone boulders and writing a guidebook both require some work, but I enjoy them whenever I can find the time. Fun projects are a great thing to have.

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