Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Daylight Savings Account

The extra hour of light after school has allowed us to begin getting full afternoon sessions again. On Monday, Ashley completed her high version of the "Sit Start Back Pocket to Double Clutch." Her line of handholds angles into the upper half of "Double Clutch" outside of the tree's shadow. It looked sharp and fragile so I didn't try it.

From there we hiked to the Cheese Grater Boulders. Ashley repeated "West Face" on the Easy Cheese Grater boulder for the first time in many years. I climbed it for the first time, after having tried it on at least three very widely spaced occasions.

Difficult, fun, and engaging.

On Wednesday we climbed on the "Rubber Blanket Boulder." Ashley's objective was "Jeremy's Traverse." I needed a new project. So I grabbed onto the jug known as the "Spare Tire," and began trying to reverse "Jeremy's Traverse" to a no hands rest in the "Corner." Ashley noticed me making some progress, and decided to take a break from "Jeremy's" and start working on my project. I ended up too worked to send it, and Ashley snaked it from me. She's calling it "Migration Traverse" until we hear it that it has already been named. It's easier than "Jeremy's Traverse" for Ashley, but feels just as difficult for me. Combining "The Lil' Brown Reeker" with "Migration Traverse" is the obvious, pumpy, and difficult next step.

Ashley on "Jeremy's Traverse" or "Migration Traverse" depending on direction.

As the days get longer, soon our sessions will have to end at bedtime.

Sunset is already almost too late.

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