Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Boulder Band

Sundance at the Band today.

The Boulder Band has tons of easy problems, good limestone, and melts out quickly. Today was cool and cloudy, and it was our best bet for a good session. We had fun on lots of problems, and still have a couple left to return to.
Ashley climbing problem #33 in the guide.

A variation on "Hangover." Not difficult, but a bit high and a bit dirty, forcing me to focus.

This traverse, problem 36 in the guide, provided the majority of our workout. We did it right to left, then left to right. Then Ashley did it both ways, both possible ways.

Ashley climbing the day's final problem.

The forecast called for snow last Wednesday, so we rushed out to the Back Pocket boulder for a quick session Tuesday after school. I finished off the "Sit Start Back Pocket to Double Clutch" after 4 sessions during the last couple months. With warmer weather and day light savings time, we're planning to get out for more after school climbing.

Climbing Narc posted an interesting question this week asking people how much money it would take to convince them to give up climbing for the rest of their life. Ashley and I both felt that it would take multiple millions before we'd give up the sport. Made me realize that we're quite lucky to have a lifestyle that we value so highly.

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