Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gym Weekend

The weather has been improving, but it was still too snowy to boulder in Sinks Canyon this weekend. I know because I checked, twice. It was possible to sport climb, but our daughters were doing Cheer Camp and we had errands to run, and we didn't make it out. We did have a session on the wall at Elemental.
Got there just in time for fresh problems.

Yesterday we had some outdoor excitement sledding at the golf course.

Easy access, long ride, and a nice view.

Great type 1 fun with the family. To learn about the three types of fun, check out the most recent Dirtbag Diaries Podcast.

This Week's Climbing News:

Urban Climber just ran an article about the making of the film "Rocky Mountain Highball" announcing that it will be available in December, but the Rocky Mountain Highball website hasn't been updated in over a year, and Andy Mann's blog hasn't supplied any news. I was disappointed not to get the DVD for Christmas last year, and Santa probably won't be able to find it this year either. I've been really really good, but I'm old enough to understand that that doesn't make movies get released any faster, and I'm starting to doubt there is a Santa.

The NCCC has released a new online guide to Horsetooth Reservoir. It's a well written, great looking, and accurate guide. Follow the NCCC link to download your copy.

Better posts will be coming soon. But that's not an apology for this one.

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