Sunday, December 6, 2009

The CWC Bouldering Competition

Perfect conditions for bouldering can usually be found somewhere, but in Wyoming this weekend the only place to be was indoors. Luckily, Central WY College held their 2nd Annual Bouldering Comp last night.

Ashley loved the fact that the women got to boulder for over an hour before the men were allowed to start. With about six or seven women competing, Ashley didn't have to wait for routes. She got a good workout and placed first. She won $40. Our entry fees were $20, so we climbed in the comp for free.

An attempt on Open #7.

The mens comp wasn't as laid back. With about 30 competitors, and many of the difficult problems for each division found on the roof, it was difficult to get on the wall sometimes. I tried not to be a jerk, but often the only way to get a try was to jump on as fast as you could. If I cut anybody off, I apologize. At any moment, four people would be chalking up, and if you hesitated, someone would jump in. On two occasions I asked another climber if they wanted to go, and by the time they answered someone else had jumped on so both of us had to wait. I climbed pretty well, but backed off on Open #4 because I was scared. I could have swung off at the top, and was concerned that I might fall on people. Other than the wall being crowded, which was probably unavoidable, it was a good competition. The route setting was good, everyone won raffle prizes, and the competition was strong. I finished the night in fourth place, and we had a great time.

While competing I overheard two girls and a guy talking about me behind my back. The first girl said "Look at his forearms!" Then the guy said "They're bigger than his head!" The first girl replied "Yeah, they really are." I was beginning to feel like a freak when the second girl said "That's cool!"

Last weekend we got a bit of snow on Saturday. On Sunday the tops of the boulders were still a little wet, but cliffs were dry, so we did some sport climbing. We decided to try "The Wilds." At 55 feet tall, it's one of the shorter climbs at Sinks, and I was very happy to find a great rest stance 30 feet up the route. My type of route. Sierra had the camera. On my first try, I had to hang a couple times to work out two crux sequences. That's when Sierra took all the photos.

On my second try, I got the redpoint.

This week Davin began writing a Wyoming bouldering blog. He will be sharing beta and photos of areas all over the state. A very exciting development for bouldering in Wyoming. The perfect way to spend snowy days, get excited, and make plans for the spring season. Check it out- A Place of Legend.

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