Monday, November 16, 2009

We're Boulderers

Bouldering "Double Clutch," a classic on the Back Pocket boulder.

On Sunday we went climbing in Killer Cave.

It's the most famous cliff in Sinks Canyon, and our goal was to project the route called "Killer." Eighty feet of solid steep climbing. Seemed like a good goal, and a great way to get a workout for a few weekends.

A climber on "Killer"

I set it up mostly bolt to bolt, linking the easier sections. Ashley had a try on toprope, and then I tried it on toprope too. Ashley went up forty feet, and came down because she doesn't like heights. I went up forty feet and fell off an easy section because I don't have endurance. Then a climber we had just met asked "Aren't you boulderers?"

My immediate answer was "Yeah, we are." And as I said it, I knew it to be true.

Other climbers from across western Wyoming and northern Colorado were all having a great time.

But the boulders at the base off the hill now looked more appealing. We hiked down from the cliff, and made our way to the Back Pocket Boulder. We did difficult moves on the classic problems, and confirmed that we do like bouldering better.

I got pumped a couple times, but never so pumped a problem wasn't worth trying again.

We'll be spending our time on the boulders, and the shortest routes in Sinks this winter. Because we're boulderers.


Davin said...

Was worried you lost the boulders there. So many go to routes in Wyoming. You might be Lander's first true boulderers. Will be up over Thanksgiving and won't bring a rope either. Lets go bouldering?

David said...

Looking forward to it. We'll see you soon.

chuffer said...

To thine own self be true - from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.

Jesse and Colleen said...

Try 'Addiction' before you give up on roped 12's at sinks ;) super stellar movement and not too enduro. Killer is super enduro. Glad you guys are enjoying wyo!