Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exciting News!

We were busy driving and interviewing last weekend, so we didn't get time to climb. And I might be too busy to blog much for the next few weeks, but we have exciting news. We're moving to Lander, Wyoming this summer. Here are a couple pictures from the Cabin Boulders in nearby Sinks Canyon that we took during a trip three years ago.

Ashley working a cool line.

Ian climbing a tricky classic.


sock hands said...

permanently moving, or living there for the summer only?

Ricky said...

A smile for you four, and a frown from me. Just make sure the wind blows you down here from time to time!

Lloyd Family said...

We're permanently moving. We'll both be teaching, so we'll be able to come back and visit Colorado during the summers.

chuffer said...

nice ... great little town for raising the kids and decent old sch00l spurt clambering a few minutes from home

Maciej Fijalkowski said...

That means population of Wyoming has just grown about 1% :-)