Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spring Conditions at Arthur's Rock

Monday was warm and sunny, but the wind was brutal. To get out of it, we went up to Arthur's Rock.

We said the wind wouldn't be a problem. Amanda and Brandon trusted us and brought their new baby along.

At the parking area our pads almost blew away, but we were sheltered as soon as we entered the canyon. When we got to the rock, conditions were almost too warm. The wind blowing through the trees on the ridge above sounded like a waterfall, but we were completely protected. It was Brandon and Amanda's first trip to Arthur's. We enjoyed showing them problems we hadn't climbed in years. Most felt easier, which always feels good, and we were so busy climbing I didn't get out the camera till late in the session.

Ashley climbing "Last Resort." Some of the best rock, and movement at Arthur's.

We made progress on a couple long term projects. I'm working "Clutch", and Ashley came very close to climbing "Mole People."

It feels like spring is already here.

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dick chuck said...

"Mole People" certainly looks like Ashley's type of problem! Looks like you had a good day, wish I could have made it. See you manana.