Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eldorado Canyon Pony Keg Boulder

We had a rough night. A drugged up stranger tried to break into the house at 2:50 on Saturday morning. The police responded to quickly our call, and took the man into custody. Damage was cleaned up in about an hour, but we were feeling tired and a bit stressed the next day. We felt like a laid back bouldering day, and the Pony Keg boulder fit the bill. Ashley says she hates sharp holds and lichen, but she loves hard traverses. Love trumps hate. She wants another day on the atrociously sharp "Pony Keg Traverse."

Going for the lichen covered top out on the "Northwest Corner."

This was my third day on the "Center Route." I'd never gotten on it fresh before, and I thought it topped out to the left. After I tried matching on the dish and moving right, it didn't feel quite as sandbagged. If "Milton" is V3, I guess this can be V4.

A peaceful day, after a crazy night.


chuffer said...

yes Center Route feels Veleventytrillion up&left. up&right is the proper exit and V4 seemed about right. if you can't tell, we made the same mistake.

get a tour of ALL THE STUFF further in from here. it will blow your mind. you could spend every saturday and sunday in there from now until until the end of NEXT winter and never get bored. lots of sunshine on all but the coldest of days.


Seth said...

WHAT! David that's the craziest thing i've heard in quite some time. Glad you and all the Lloyd ladies are ok, and hopefully not too traumatized.

Sorry I didn't get back to you about the Desperado session, I rarely check that email account and things have been a little stressful lately.

Hope all is well, maybe we can catch up over a Feather or Poudre session in the near future.


Tom Markiewicz said...

Great pics! We were out there to both Pony Keg and Ron's Keg a few weeks ago.