Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rocky Mountain National Park

We're back from a seven day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. Ashley thought we could save gas by camping in the park. I'm not sure it worked, but we had a great time. On Tuesday last week, the skies were mostly clear, but storms gathered right over the Wild Basin boulder. Half way through our session, rain and hail came in. We ended up caught under the boulder, as rain dripped closer and closer, and lightning crackled overhead.

Thursday we all hiked up to Chaos. Getting our daughters over the talus, and snow was pretty rough. I was exhausted before I even got on any problems.

Autumn was even more tired.

We still had a good day, mostly working out moves.

On Friday night a dry cold front came through, and cooled everything down by at least 15 degrees. Saturday conditions at the Wild Basin Boulder were perfect. I climbed the slightly less sandbagged V6 on the boulder. A dyno problem that moves right from the start of the "Pinch Problem." Here is a beta shot.

I also made progress on the "Slot Problem" which is the other "V6" on the boulder. I managed to really get my hand into the slot on it, and found out the slot is actually a really bad sloper that I can't move off of. If you get on the problem, or have been on it, let me know what you think. It just might be the most sandbagged problem in Benningfield's guide. Some friendly boulderers named Eric and Seth showed up. We shared Wild Basin contrivances, and info on arcane Colorado bouldering areas.

Eric having a go on the "Slot Problem"

Seth sending a highball they cleaned previously, between two established problems.

Yesterday we went back to Chaos, but the daughters only hiked to Dream Lake. We took turns watching them there while we each got a session in by ourself. Without the daughters, the hike and talus crossing flew by. For about a half hour, I think I had Chaos all to myself. It was wonderful, and a bit intimidating at the same time. A quiet, focused session.

The trip was a great way to begin our alpine bouldering season. Here is video of the "Potato Chip", and Ashley sandbagging us on the "Slot Problem."


dick chuck said...

First time checking out your blog, David and Ashley. It really is a nice mix of pics/video/and intelligent commentary. I think Red Feather is the place to see wildlife in Colorado, and your pics seem to prove it (I've heard of bees and other small insects in holds . . . never a bat!). Can't wait to get up into Rocky with you guys again! Until then, stay strong!

chuffer said...

good stuff David!

Robert J Miller said...

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