Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today we went back to the Wild Basin Boulder. After a long day on Thursday, we weren't ready yet for a big hike into Evans or Rocky. Amanda and her husband Brandon met us there. Conditions were a little slick, but we all managed to climb some problems. Ashley's been psyched on this boulder since she envisioned a project on it a few weeks ago. Ashley sent it today after about four days of work. It's a traverse of the west face of the boulder that climbs into the pinch hold and tops out on the "Pinch Problem." The start and end points are contrived, but the line generally follows the path of least resistance. Every hold on the west face has been cleaned and is covered with chalk so it's possible that this line has been done before, but no one has told us about it. I thought a great name for the line would be "The Wild West Traverse", but Ashley is sick of me naming her problems, and decided to take a stand. She named the line "Pumpalicious." I tried everything I could think of to make her change her mind, even asking "Doesn't that name sound dirty?" Nothing worked. Ashley is sticking with the name unless someone else has a plausible claim on the first ascent. Here is video of the line. I should have asked someone to hold the camera, but I didn't expect Ashley to send it so quickly.

I did a much easier line that traverses the west face and ends up the V2 problem right of the "Pinch Problem." I'm sure someone has done this line before, but Ashley climbed it before I did, and dubbed it "Wimpalicious."
It was a very fun day. Here are some shots of Brandon ending the day with a dyno problem.

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