Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Wildlife of Summer

Summer is here, and my first week of vacation was a lot of fun. I got three good bouldering sessions in. One in the Hobo Cave, and two at Red Feather. On Friday Scott and Jim joined us for a session at the Fat Man in a Little Coat boulder.
Scott warming up.

On the way in we saw two moose right next to the warm-up area. The sight of such large beasts at Red Feather makes the area feel much wilder to me, and compliments the wonderful atmosphere up there.
Here are a couple pictures Scott and I took of them.

After warming up we worked almost every problem on the "Fat Man in a Little Coat" boulder for hours. Scott is a tall man, known for his spotting skills, and he caught a lot of my falls on Friday. Thanks Scott.

With his help I was able to fully commit on "Fat Man in a Little Coat." I found some new beta and made some progress, but it just didn't happen. I felt a little frustrated, but it was still a really good day.

Today was a beautiful day at Red Feather. It was windy, but the temps were nice, and everything was looking very green. We checked out an area called Emily's North. At one point I was working on a traverse problem. I stuck my hand in a shallow horizontal crack, heard a hiss, and felt something soft and squishy. Startled, I fell off the hold and saw a bat inside. Luckily, I didn't get bitten. It had been quite a hike to get to the area, and I thought "It's already awake. I'll just get it to fly away with a stick." Instead of flying away it bared it's needle fangs, and hissed at the stick. Luckily, Ashley and the girls were at another boulder. They might have freaked out if they'd been there. I thought "I could push it out and then it would fly." But it took a fall instead, right onto my pad. It seemed to like the pad. It grabbed into it with it's thumbnail claws.

With a little more prodding it grabbed the stick, and I put it on a nearby rock. Then I thought "I'm a jerk for disturbing it so much." It stayed on the rock for a while then flew away while I was working the problem. A wild start to the Summer.


sock hands said...

"The sight of such large beasts at Red Feather makes the area feel much wilder to me, and compliments the wonderful atmosphere up there."

i was quickly scanning this post and thought you were goofing on blunk! generally, when i see the large blunk beast out climbing [super rare for me], it feels much wilder to me and it certainly compliments the session.

also, the photo of scott throwing you up towards the rock is great.

buddy of mine got bit by a fuzzy finger jam on a roof problem at the niagara glen... had to get 12 painful rabies shots, etc.

glad to hear you avoided it!

David said...

Your comments make my blog feel much wilder, and compliment my straight posts. I love the throwing me up the rock bit. If Ashley had been climbing, Scott's throws would have sent her over the boulder.

Yeah, I'm glad I didn't need shots. Once I was looking up at some bats behind a sign at Avogadro's Number, a restaurant up here, when one pissed in my eye. Ashley tried to make me get rabies shots, but I called ask a nurse and she said bat urine was sterile.

sock hands said...

it's not that chuck norris HAS to drink his own urine, but it's sterile and he likes the taste.

sock hands said...


sock hands said...


everything is different in the morning said...

That same bat thing happened to me the first time you showed me around Arthur's Rock. Do you remember that? I was fondling the crack/edge to the left of Ode to Failure and the hold squeaked at me and had a tiny bat staring out.

David said...

I'd forgotten that, but now I remember. It's beginning to sound common. Bats in the holds, another thing to think about when you're off the deck.

sock hands said...

thez iz y crimps and slopers only all the time crimps and always slopers no bats no lai