Friday, April 11, 2008

Wedge Overlook, Triassic, and the LCC

We've had a busy couple days. Yesterday was cold and windy so we drove to the Wedge Overlook while waiting for the rocks to warm up.

I'd wanted to check out Triassic for a while, and it looked like our best bet for warm temps.

The wind was howling, but in between the boulders it was tolerable. Triassic has some great features. It's sheltered, the problems are concentrated, and it's a neat place to hang out. It has some not so great features too. The tops of the boulders are weathered and the sandstone turns "sugary" up high at the top outs. Quite sketchy. The harder problems use very thin, fragile, sharp flakes, or tweaky two finger pockets. For difficult bouldering it will never rank up there with Little Cottonwood, Joe's, or Ibex. Some of the V1-V5 problems are great though. Golden is one of the best V1s I've done and "Some People Get Two Fingers" V5 was fun as well. Ashley also liked "Bacardi Silver" a V4 traverse.


Some People Get Two Fingers

Bacardi Silver

This afternoon we went back to Little Cottonwood Canyon. Ashley worked on some projects, and we both climbed "Lance's Dihedral" V6. At first it felt ridiculous, but with the right beta it isn't so bad. It was a great problem to end the trip with.
Lance's Dihedral

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