Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Joe's Valley

The weather online looked really questionable yesterday, but we decided to check out Joe's anyway. It turned out to be some of the best weather I've ever climbed in. Sunny and cool. We began at the Man Size Area, and warmed up on the Triangle Boulder. Shown below is a sharp, but good V3.

Facing this on another boulder is the "Brawny Dyno", one of the funnest problems I've ever done. We got video, but no photos. We spent some time falling off the V10s there, and then moved on to Area 51. We climbed too many moderates to list, and Ashley made a very quick ascent of Big Boy. I was so busy climbing, I forgot to take photos. Late in the day I tried Pocket Rocket. If I were three inches taller it would be such a fun problem. It felt like the length of my right arm was holding me back at the top of the jump.

Sessions don't get much better. New boulders tomorrow.

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jacob said...

looks like you guys are having a good time. so much to do at that place i always feel like i'm running around with my head cut off trying whatever i can grab. make sure that you do scarey monsters. for some reason i liked that problem.
i expect to see some sweet pictures when you get back.
i can't wait to show you guys all the new stuff that i've been finding. i've added a whole new sector of highball stuff and found a killer block that i must have walked by a thousand times without seeing it.
so be safe and pull hard.
the feather awaits