Sunday, March 2, 2008

Worked by the Clockworks

Since the forecast for Sat. looked beautiful, we decided to try Red Feather again, specifically the Clockworks area, which we had not been to yet.

We warmed up on some fun short problems, with the start of the second one (pictured) being a bit of a project for me!

Then we hiked up to an arete problem (pictured), which was sharp and powerful, but had really good movement.

We both got to a slopey pinch high on the arete, but could not unlock how to get to the top, which was just 1 or 2 moves away. David thinks it will go with a big jump, but I am thinking I will need to use a slopey sidepull and then a pop to the top. There is also a big move line on the left side of the arete, but the top of that was seeping. I didn't try it at all (see "big move" description) and David gave the beginning a couple of tries. Maybe next trip.


sock hands said...

arete line looks particularly nice

David said...

The right side of the arete is a beautiful line, but quite sharp. The line on the left side of the arete is on nice edges that are widely spaced. It's definitely a classic. I made the mistake of losing all my skin and power on the right side, before I even tried the left. Let me know if you want to go check it out sometime. I need to get back on both lines.

Brandon said...

Wow, cool looking line. I'm going to need directions!

Dropknee said...

nice pics! Hey could you guys shoot me an email if you have a sec? Cheers!