Sunday, March 16, 2008

Carter Lake

Jesse doing the jump on "Kahuna Roof."

We hadn't been to Carter for a while. I was excited to try the "Doughboy Arete" which is a relatively new problem on a relatively new boulder. It fell out of the hillside just a couple years ago. "Dough Boy" is about 20 feet tall, with harder moves than I expected. The moves aren't obvious, and I wouldn't have made much progress if I hadn't seen a climber named Colin send it yesterday. It begins on the East face with iron cross side pull throws, and insecure feet. The top half appears easier than the bottom, but requires committing to foot smears off a good sidepull high off the deck. I never managed to get to the second half where I'd have to make the decision of whether to commit or not. I'll make that decision another day.
Jesse, Will, Aaron, Shaun and a few other climbers were climbing on the nearby Kahuna Boulder. We left the girls playing in the sand by "Dough Boy" and jumped in with them. "Kahuna Roof" is a definite classic, which just gets more fun each time I climb it. Ashley climbed it years ago, but hadn't repeated it since a crimp broke at the lip. She sent it again yesterday by adding three moves to her original sequence.

On the way out Sierra and Autumn got attacked by a twelve week old puppy, and Sierra used Autumn as a human shield.

They grow up so fast.

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