Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sean Drolet Dyno Video

Monday in the gym at Miramont, I watched Sean do an incredible double double dyno where his momentum from one dyno went straight into the second one. It looked very cool, and I wanted to get it on video, so last night I had my camera with me. Sean performed the double double dyno again, and did some others. Check it out.

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everything is different in the morning said...

Hey Dave!

I went and picked up my Organic pad!

josh was really cool, i ended up trying to buy more stuff from him (3 tshirts for friends and a chalk bag) but he only let me pay for about half of it. On top of giving me the pad at the base price with every extra thing i could possibly throw onto it, i'd say he's done his job well, i will now forever preach the word of ORGANIC.

i've been trying to update my own blog much more regularly, i've been drawing and painting stay tuned!

and i'm sure we'll get out some weekend soon upcoming. I'd like to get Sam to morrison to try out some of the problems below the black.