Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eldorado Canyon Bouldering

The weather didn't look good for the mountains yesterday, so we decided to stay on the Frontrange and take a trip to Eldorado Canyon. Our plan was to hit the Ron's Keg and Pony Keg boulders to warm up, and then head to the Nightmare Block. We hadn't been to the Keg boulders before. We ended up finding enough problems to fill the day there and we never made it to the Nightmare Block.

I always have a good time at the Eldo boulders, but I've learned to disregard the grades. Nowhere else have I had to work so hard for problems rated V3-6. The only V5 I've managed to do there is Germ Free Adolescence. I've tried others, and they often feel impossible. We warmed up on some good V2s. Chip's Arete is a V2 that took a couple tries before we commited to it. Trust the high step and it's easy.

After our warm-ups we got shut down on a V5 going up from a hueco on Ron's Keg. Rather than getting discouraged, we went to the Pony Keg boulder to try a "harder" problem, the Fingertip Traverse V6. The problem suited Ashley with high feet, and crimpy holds. She sent it quickly, and started working on an extension. I managed to send it soon after her, but it felt really hard. It's a cool problem.

Wisps of misty fog were blowing through the canyon all day. It gave the whole session a dream-like fantasy feel. Quite beautiful, we may have to get down to Eldo more often.


chuffer said...

there are literally hundreds of mostly unknown blocks and dozends and dozens of *** and **** STELLAR problems in and around Eldo that are not in any guide. a dedicated few are still putting in FAs almost every week of the year. you'll have to come climbing with us sometime and see some of the goods.

David said...

I'd love to. I'll send you an e-mail before our next trip to Eldo.