Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Lloyd Center Buildering Story

On our first day in Portland, we went to eat at the Lloyd Center, and I saw the stack of coins sculpture. I immediately thought that I had to climb it. With the Lloyd Center sign in the background, the photo would fit perfectly on my blog. The scuplture is surrounded by a fountain, and leaping it appeared to be the crux. Would the marble be so slippery that my hands would slip, and I'd fall ass first into the water. I wasn't sure. The stack of coins was offset resulting in good looking pinches. I wasn't that scared of the height, but I was scared of getting caught. I talked to my sister Diane about it, and she suggested Sunday night, because the mall closed at 6 and there would be fewer people around. Sunday came quite quickly.

Andrew was there waiting to watch the ascent. Ashley and I drove the rented PT Cruiser to a nearby open parking spot. I was nervous. We set up the photo. Some teenagers who were making out beside the fountain walked away, possibly due to the camera. It was time for the ascent. I walked quickly toward my goal. Completely focused. I stepped onto the fountain, and jumped for the flat edge 6 feet away and latched it with my hands.

They stuck, and my feet hit the pillar stopping my swing. An old couple was walking past, "Nice move." said the man. I was so focused, I wasn't polite enough to respond. I just kept climbing. Then the lady said "He looks like a monkey." I had already heel hooked the ledge, and pulled up onto the platform. As expected the coins were perfect pinches.

I ascended quickly, a little spooked that the structure rocked slightly as I climbed. As I put my hand over the top, I had to keep moving my hand because people had thrown so many real coins on top of it. I mantled up, stood, and tried to look relaxed for the camera.

Then I started down climbing, but Ashley made me climb back up so she could try to improve her picture. I down climbed again, jumped the fountain, and was ready to get out of there.

Ashley and I walked quickly back to the car. Ashley thought I should have grabbed the coins that were scattered on top. I was so set on climbing it, and getting out of there, that I hadn't even thought of it. She made fun of me for being so nervous, and reviewed with me her adventures breaking the law, and how much more serious they were. It's hard to believe the crazy things Ashley did in middle school.

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