Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer's Here! It's Time to Catch Up!

 The end of the school year is a very busy time.  So busy that I'm three posts behind on this blog.  Rather than catch up with one giant post, I'll be posting on one area at a time over the next few days.

The recent theme in Wyoming climbing has been trying to avoid the rain.  Two weeks ago, Sweetwater was supposed to have the lowest probability, so that is where we went.  Jesse came out with us.  And as soon as we got there I hiked with him up the formation to an overhanging wall that I wanted to begin working on.  I rapped in and cleaned a line, and then hiked back to the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" sector to warm up with my family.  Jesse decided to stay up at the wall and keep cleaning lines.

My warm up line turned out to be more difficult than expected, but I figured it out eventually.  It's just to the right of "Technical Difficulties" and I decided to name it "More Difficulties" V4.

While I was doing that, Jesse put up a line called "Cherry Bomb."  Amazing features lead out a steep wall, and the slab at your back makes you climb with your arms bent a little.  In the V2/3 range, it's the perfect warm up for the harder lines that will be put up in the area.
 Like a V8/9 project that goes up the wall in this photo for example.  I hope to finish this line by the end of next fall.
 But I could tell that I wasn't going to finish it last weekend.  So we moved on to another block that Jesse had cleaned, while we were warming up down the hill.  I climbed this line starting from a right crimp, that I'm about to step on in the photo below, and a left hand undercling.

"Skin in the Game" V6
After a little more exploration we went home, and Jesse kept driving to check out some more formations.  I didn't finish every line I had planned, but it was a good day of bouldering.  I have a new project that I'm inspired to do, it was great catching up with Jesse, and it was so nice to get some sun.  We didn't even realize how much more rain was coming...

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