Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wyoming Bouldering Hits Film and Podcast

Spring is here, the winds are back.  But temps have been good, and at least 25 new problems have been put up during the last week at Sweetwater, the Falls Trail, and The Beach!  A post will be written about those lines soon.  But tonight I'm compiling a few other good things that followers of this blog should enjoy.

Louder Than 11 released a video they filmed at the Rock Shop, the Falls Trail, and Worthen Reservoir, with landscapes thrown in from the Sweetwater area.  Hopefully you've seen it already.  But it's so well done, I think it's worth watching a few times.

I bouldered with Jon at a couple areas, and he used my guidebook to get to a few more.  It was fun to help out with this project, and I'm very happy with how it turned out!

Last fall, Paul Robinson posted this video of his ascent of Komodo a V14 at Neverland.  It's an amazing and difficult looking line.

Jimmy Webb also did another V14 ascent at Neverland called "The Multiverse."  Davin showed him the project, and it's one of the most inspiring lines I've ever seen photos of. Video of that ascent hasn't surfaced yet, but I'll let you know if it ever turns up.

And then the other night I was listening to the most recent Enormocast Podcast episode with Anna Stohr and Kilian Fischhuber.  Imagine my surprise when the conversation travelled from guns in America, to guns in Lander Wyoming, and then they mention that they want to get back to Lander because there has been a bunch of bouldering development there.  The conversation quickly moved on to other topics, but just the fact that the best climbers in Austria are aware of the bouldering development being done around Lander is pretty cool.  You can hear the full conversation at the link below.
The Enormocast Episode 77

I've felt for years that a few parts of Wyoming, such as the Lander area and Neverland, have the potential to become world class bouldering areas.  One key part of that is having the strongest boulderers of the world visit the areas and put up amazing problems.   Because all truly world class areas have inspirational problems at the upper end of the rating scale.  Just looking at really hard lines, feeling the holds, and wondering what it would be like to be that strong is an important part of the bouldering experience.  News of Wyoming's bouldering potential is starting to get to the world's strongest and most dedicated boulderers.  And it's a good thing to see.

So if you think you might be able to give Wyoming it's first V15, feel free to get in touch.  There are a few projects near Lander that I'd be happy to show you.

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