Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Climbing's About

It was nice to have some coverage of the Dawn Wall in the news.  Some widespread recognition of climbing as the amazing sport and lifestyle that it is.  But it got a lot of people, even climbers, asking "What's the meaning of climbing?"

Meanwhile my recent climbing days made it quite clear to me, that climbing is mainly about going climbing.  It will never truly be a spectator sport (no matter how many people start watching it) and the best climbing writing, film, or photography won't ever mean that much to people that haven't tried it.  

On the other hand, everyone that goes out climbing can experience the exact same exposure, pump, fear, exhilaration, sense of accomplishment, and connection to nature that the pros do.  And everyone who gets out there can find out what it's really all about.  

So here's what climbing's been about for me during the last few weeks.

Making it work.  Even in the cold. 

 By wearing as many layers as it takes.
 Exploring new places,
 new moves,
 and not giving up until every option has been explored.
 Getting back on a rope.
 And sharing boulders with friends.
 Tromping through snow,
 to climb warm in the sun.
 And thinking about where else might be fun.
So I hope that you've also been getting out.  Reminding yourself, what climbing's about.

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