Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Problems and Projects at the Rock Shop

Alex started developing a new sector at the Rock Shop, and he gave us a tour of it before he left on a trip to Europe.  We've spent four more sessions up there during the last two weeks.  We still have some projects to finish up, but many new problems have been climbed already.

Alex offering a spot below a project we're calling "To the Pain."    
 Alex's perfect warm up "Hard Rock Syndrome" V2.
 We watched Alex get the first ascent of "My Mind's Eye Traverse" V6.  Ashley repeated it later that day.  I got the third ascent during our next session.
 Alex on "The Boulder of Montana" V5.
 Ashley getting the second ascent Alex's "Just Getting Started" V5.  This challenging line packs six difficult moves into seven feet of climbing!  Ashley also added a V4 traverse that climbs in from the left called "Ready to Go."

I noticed in a blog post that Bryan had worked the moves on the great line shown below last year.  I cleaned the top a little more thoroughly on rappel, and did the line from a sit start on Father's Day.

"Touch of Grey" V5/6.

Roo and Willow enjoying the ambiance.
 "Stone Country" V3/4.  The start.

 Roo relaxing under the Touch of Grey wall.
 Flowers we saw while driving to the Rock Shop one day.
Thanks to Alex for showing us the sector, and the new lines that he found. Hopefully we'll have some more new lines to share soon!


bryan vansickle said...

Nice work on touch of gray I'd like to know how you did the bottom, start holds and what have you.

Lloyd Family said...

Started sitting with a good diagonal rail. Cross left hand into a jug sidepull. Right hand to an okay gaston and then a really high left foot lets you reach up to good left hand sidepull. That move is the crux. It's pretty straight forward from there. Good hands, poor feet for most of the problem. Great find Bryan!