Sunday, March 4, 2012

The First Day of Spring

It doesn't matter what the calendar says, in Sinks Canyon, Spring began today. The sun was hot, the rock was warm, and the breeze just slightly cool. Conditions were gorgeous, and we soaked it up.

We spent the day repeating problems on the Rubber Blanket boulder, checking grades, giving stars, and sunbathing. I also did a fun V5/6 contrivance that I'd never done before.

Twenty one pages are finished for the guide, and I'm estimating that I have one hundred and seventy-five left to write. It's been surprisingly fun to revisit problems in order to confirm things for the guide, but I'm also getting excited to try some problems that I haven't been on before. As I've started organizing my information, I've realized that I still have a lot of lines to do. Some that are old, some that are new, and some that haven't been climbed yet.

Here comes the sun, and a new bouldering season!

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