Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some New Problems at Sweetwater

The spring season is coming to an end at Sweetwater. But on Sunday it was the only area that was climbable near Lander due to the rain. We had some sprinkles and some mosquitoes, but were lucky that the rain usually went around us. Alan came out for the day. We had a good time puzzling out the undone lines, and deciding which ones to get on. Eight new problems were done. All of them deserve at least one star, and one might be worth three. I didn't get the camera out much. It was under a boulder, safe from the rain.

Alan climbing an Ashley first ascent, that goes around V3.
The most difficult line we finished is called "Fingertips." It's a finger intensive V5.

Alan in front of a nice boulder. We warmed up on two lines using the huge flakes on the right. This boulder has potential for a couple really good difficult problems.
There is some crystal filled stone and some great patina in the area. I took photos of the patina.

Development will continue this fall.

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