Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Bouldering at Sweetwater

Planning to go bouldering at Sweetwater? If so, please review the access situation.
Sweetwater Access Information
Vehicle access to many boulders at Sweetwater rocks crosses private property. Some landowners allow access, but access could be revoked at any time at the landowner's discretion. To maintain access, it is very important to limit group size, and the number of vehicles parked near the rocks. Anyone visiting Sweetwater areas on private lands, or requiring roads that cross private lands, should maintain a low profile by visiting in small groups with few vehicles, leave all fence gates as found, cross bridges slowly, never build fires or spook animals, and obey posted signs.

Today we had great weather at an area called the God Eye Boulders. Davin did some development there, and gave me directions when we moved to Lander. We began today's session at the Hampi Boulders, but Ashley pulled a muscle in her back and decided to leave the "Hampi Boulder Traverse" for another day, so we drove to these blocks. The God Eye boulder looks really fun, but we also saw some cool looking boulders on a ledge above it. We checked them out, and decided to start there. Ashley got the first first ascent of the day.

"In Spite of Injury" V1

I got the second one "In Spite of Love." V4/5

The girls got into a little fight and Ashley got the first ascent of "In Spite of Tears." V4

This nice line is called "On the Edge" V4/5

First ascents, on good stone, above a landscape so vast it feels like climbing above the ocean. I'm keeping directions to myself for now, but hopefully I'll have more problems to share next week.
We still need to get on the "God Eye."

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Davin said...

Great work up there on the ledge. Good looking boulders!

Very tricky on keeping the directions on the down low. Let me know when you go back out, I will try to meet you out there.