Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Tease

Spring weather can be the worst. The temps begin to rise, the snow melts, you get excited to get out on the weekends or after school, and then the wind comes in. Every warm day this week has been stupid windy. I don't know how else to describe it. Ashley and Autumn decided it wasn't worth it today. Luckily, Sierra was psyched to get out with me.

Conditions have been rough, but during the two times we tried to get a session in, I did find a couple lines I like. Last weekend we hiked up to the Don King boulder and did a little climbing before the wind chased us out. The east roof is unpleasantly chossy.

But the west face is nice.

We climbed "King Groove" and then got to work on an unnamed V6.

It feels hard to me. My preferred sequence is trying to dyno past a poor pocket to the lip. I like the line, came close, and plan to try it again.

Today, I tried to get out of the wind by climbing at the very bottom of the canyon. Partially successful, I discovered (or rediscovered) a fun line. A hidden crimp made it easier than I expected it to be.

I brushed a lot of lichen off the top, and a little off the bottom. It still has some lichen in the middle, which adds some excitement. Until I learn of another name, I'm calling it "The Orange Peel" V1.

The week's weather brought back to mind an old joke.

Why is Wyoming so windy?

Because Nebraska sucks.

Now the forecast says we could get heavy snow by next weekend. I'm beginning to miss the days we had in January :(


jacob said...

wow. sierra is already hardcore. loved the clip. hope you all are doing well up there in windy wyoming. the feather misses you

Lloyd Family said...

Thanks Jacob. I've been enjoying myself up here, but I miss climbing with you at the feather, and the crew we climbed with in Ft. Collins. Good times!

We're planning a family vacation to Steamboat this June, and I'm hoping to get out for a day to Poudre Canyon or the Feather. I'll be in touch.