Sunday, December 7, 2008

Inner Strength

The weekend weather has taken a turn for the worse since the Thanksgiving post. Maybe I jinxed it. We spent our weekend session at one of the few dry climbing areas in Northern CO, Inner Strength Rock Gym.

Julie checked us in, and I thought we were hearing her eclectic mix of rock, reggae, and country through the entire session, but I've been told it was Mike's.

Everyone who works behind the counter plays different music. Mike plays mostly classic rock 1970-1994.

Colin plays alternative/indie rock.

On this night Mike was busy setting up for a special event called the Blacklight Blitz.

Amanda watched the girls while we climbed (Thanks Amanda!) so we were able to focus completely on our climbing. I managed to flash the orange route, and the yellow/black route on the lead wall. Ashley bouldered well. Here she's climbing a contrived problem I made up.

I couldn't do it.

Jon was climbing, and we talked about sport lines in Big Thompson canyon.

We had to leave before the Blitz, but if you saw a glowing pink forearm, it probably belonged to Mike.

It was a fun indoor session, but I'll be going on a blogging strike until the weather improves.


everything is different in the morning said...

there are always the most flattering photos of me on your blog.

David said...

If you come out bouldering with us, I'll take more flattering photos.

Matt said...

That is an attractive picture of Colin K. And since when was classic rock 1970-1994?! I am truly old.

David said...

In my mind classic rock is a very broad genre, determined not so much by age, but rather the hit status of the song, creative longevity/fame of the performer, or even based on sound alone. Many current bands like The White Stripes I'd place in the classic rock genre. Mike's music makes me feel younger. Even when he's playing things recorded in the 90s.