Sunday, May 25, 2008

Red Feather West Revisited

Jacob and I had to get back to the unnamed problem we didn't quite do last weekend. This time Ashley, Aaron, Shaun, Scott, and Jared came along. We went back to the warm-up area. "Huggy Bear" was climbed again. Ashley climbed a little despite doctor's orders not to, but mostly she hung out on her new government rebate sponsored Organic pad we picked up at the Mountain Shop. We're doing what we can to help the economy pickup steam again.

After warming up, we went to the "Fat Man in a Little Coat" boulder AKA "H.I.P.S." Aaron flashed our unnamed project, but the rest of us got shut down. We moved on to the problem "Fat Man in a Little Coat", but no one had much luck. It feels like I might be able to physically do the problem, but it is so committing. The crux is at the top, and everything is slopey and insecure except the high left foot. It feels like it would be easy to fall backwards, and have the left foot stay in place leading to an out of control back first landing. One day I'll commit fully, and maybe it will go. Here are some photos of the attempts on "Fat Man in a Little Coat." It's an inspiring line.



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